Sunday, 31 August 2008

'the forces are displayed'

A press pack is in assembly with a view to making Trojan this ponies for live music events in Lancashire and beyond. Please enjoy this bitmap study for the same. I'm aiming to distribute the finished piece with the recent spat of sampler cd-rs. The colour scheme owes much to Nickelodeon circa 1993. Autumn de Wilde is also well implicated. DS and DB deserve photo credit. The typeface is May Simargool's.

"That's progress" reporting this Sunday, August 31st 2008;

Best Wishes


lion rock

(this ponies project) was in Full Effect last night at the Golden Lion, Lancaster opening for Uncle Jeff. A. J. Craig was in attendance and lent his art to three of eight numbers performed - two writ. in collaboration and the other a Craig/Powers arrangement on traditional theme. I whet my end at electric guitar playing for the first in five years and debuted 'if i don't...' complete with pomp and dischord.
Uncle Jeff played two halfs of their fine US/UK indie-rock synthesis (- feeling appropriated? ;-)) to much enjoyment. Thanks to Stephen and colleagues for the third invite of the season. Yr support is most appreciated.
Folk interested can catch the next ponies performance at Richard Twine's L.A.W.M event taking place 13th October.
Information on Richard's L.A.W.M events can be found @
Uncle Jeff can be heard here:

Friday, 29 August 2008


Kate 'Anarkeeks' Doran was kind enough to send these pictures from the These Unites States/Ampersands show back in July. More thanks is due to Benjamin J for his admin duties.

Kate has her own artspace at:


Thursday, 28 August 2008

rain dogs

As predicted. Kriss Foster & Stephen Hudson's La La Lancaster festival came off a treat last Monday 25th in spite of the Gods. I spent the day damp and chill under much rainfall. When I got home I had to dry my Martin save it swell. The show itself was no less than a pleasure.

Thanks to Mia Bleach for the picture.

And to everyone that took part.


Sunday, 24 August 2008


Tomorrow's Bank Holiday Monday should see an appearance at the live music event taking place in Lancaster's Williamson Park.

In addition to ponies there's likely to be performances from organisers Stephen Hudson & Kriss Foster, One Chip Potato, Ruby in the Dust, Moll Baxter et al.

This event is free to the public and gets started at 14:00.

I'll be closing this post with some best wishes for my brother - nineteen years young today on God's great Earth. Up above is his picture taken several Augusts past

- with love.


Wednesday, 20 August 2008

best laid plans

As the world’s turned again I’m feeling ready to draw a line under the past year and start thinking about how best to approach the next batch of songs. Hoping to draw on the strengths from the first recordings, whilst sharpening some interests that perhaps didn’t come across as well as I'd like. I’ve gotten more interested in recording the spaces a performer enters into. Silence integral.

Several tape sketches have been assembled! and working titles from August 2008 are:

Where’s the friend?
If I don’t …
Show Me Love
w/o. name #1 (‘to show the lord a chair’)
w/o. name #2 (‘what without ...’)
w/o. name #3 (‘you are loved’)
FU (when nothing else will do)
Cy Tx (revisited)
Tx (after Fog)
Faithful too

Plans to begin arranging next slew of songs with guitar/percussion etc. come Autumn.


Sunday, 17 August 2008

Ponies, 'Ponies' etc.

ponies first collection of songs was self titled and resourced by Chris Wilson for To The Drifters Written and recorded for the most part between April 2007 and March 2008, this collection features contributions from Lancaster entertainer Kriss Foster and Canada's Nikol Harber and showcases an interest in folk, blues and gospel idioms; together with confessional approaches fast becoming a staple for the ponies' output.This past month, Chris has teamed up with Leeds based May Simargool and put together a clump of handmade (see picture above) CD-R packages complete with lyric sheet and linear notes. You can reach Chris via his website or else by emailing regarding those.