Saturday, 27 September 2008

Biz Marquis

Carabas fundraiser last Wednesday 24th at Gregson Inst. Lancaster. With thanks to Bethany, Mike and Jack for their hard work and hospitality. Set list for the event features below. Moll Baxter was in attendance that night and played a fine set from her newest latest ep 'Whispers in the Well' - would recommend anybody catch her live show if and when they can. To learn more about Moll visit:

ponies - 24th Septmeber 2008

Pony in the Prize
If I don't


Tuesday, 23 September 2008

If You Knew/Let It Be Me

Further to the last post, a recording of 'If I don't' is now up and running on the Myspace player ( With thanks again to 2/3 of The Low Countries. Dawish and Celan displaced respectively. These line breaks may need to be revised. Shall see. Would be glad to read any thoughts on the same.

If I don't/

If I don't
Have you
What is in my life? And

If I don't
Have you
Who's gon' turn the knife
Inside? And

Who's gon' paint the night
Beside me?

And do I know
What trouble is and
What it's good for
In my mind?

When I think it doubles
I am not mine:

One is always lighter
Than the other
For to carry them

When it's over dead
And done

Become become;

The world is gone
I must carry you

- push your hands up the wall!

I'll do anything
Right now

What begins with a call
Ends in no reply

Friday, 12 September 2008

Darhma & Gregson

Last Sunday 7th I put in an appearance at the Gregson Open Mic slot, on Moor Lane, Lancaster. A recording of 'Orphee' from the night is now up and playing via their eventspace ( Anyone in the area with any interest is sure to find a welcome atmosphere and terrific sound care of Nigel and Wes (The Low Countries). With thanks to them both.