Thursday, 16 October 2008

(Community) Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

Some ten parts of the 44 ponies/ponies (2008) full lengths got shifted at last Monday’s L.A.W.M performance.

Tips for future veterans - a point of donation display is unlikely to hold sway against the pros. ;-)

Misty’s Big Adventure upstaged me slightly with their full deck.

Needless to say, street team applicants and interested distros should email the address to the left. Alternatively, you can contact to get a mail out copy of the comp.

To evaluate some of the strengths and shortcomings of cd-r culture, why not take in:

- 'root for the underdog, no matter who they are'

VOID (for its purpose)

L.A.W.M Monday last went okay; some highs and lows. Gave one of the newer compositions its first airing and slipped Bill Lee's (1990) 'Mo’ Better Blues' into ‘There is a house’, slowing it down a pace. My hands locked on some high end picking and I missed a couple changes. All things considered though, it was fair affair.
High praise/validation came by way of an old friend from the old country (Blackpool, Lancs - for the fan-club), who drew attention to the space and silence in these new arrangements.
Oddsocks were in full reprise the night after a five months hiatus - much to crowd approval. Best wishes in Finland guys. You played great.

With thanks again to messers Twine and Baxter, and those kind folk what voted ponies onto the L.A.W.M board last year.

Moll Baxter and I will be playing Britannia 101 next Thursday 23rd - the venerable Andy Craig in attendance also.

Take Care

Yorkshire House, Lancaster 13/10/08:

Pony in the prize
Devil in her eyes (Bramhall/Craig)
If I don’t …
‘Begin again, again’/‘you are loved’
There is a house/Mo’ Better Blues (Lee)

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Say It (over and over and over and over and over and over again)

- spare us the c(l)utter!
As modelled above, there's some 44 cd-r edition ponies/ponies (2008) ready and waiting for those interested. Payment shall be by donation. This collection compiles ... Drifters session recorded March of this year (see blog 17/08/08), and three taped recordings from 2003-2007. Lyrics and linear notes provided. For now, I expect the best means of handling the same would be to catch this ponies project tomorrow night at Richard Twine's L.A.W.M affair, or else throughout the coming months;
pleased to announce forthcomin' performances with The Adventures of Loki Saturday November 1th and Moll Baxter next Thursday 23rd. Details to the left (to the left).
In other news, Mr. Richard Turner's Opposite of Robot night is now back in full effect over Lancaster - interested parties to the weblink below.
Full progress report to follow.
Best Wishes