Thursday, 6 November 2008

tough nuts

Was mighty pleased to have played with The Adventures of Loki last Saturday (Novmeber 1st), though sadly distracted throughout; spent the duration of thirty minutes pushing bad merchandise. Hope to be shooting straight again by December 5th when Pete 'Little Hero' Rawlinson and I go Live at Leeds. So with thanks again to the Lokis, and to Kev Baxter.

Yorkshire House, Lancaster 01/11/08

Doin' Lord


Pony in the Prize

If I don't...

'begin again, again'

(I will) Sea Change



Monday, 3 November 2008

red & green

Britannia 101/Lancaster 23/10/08:

Doin’ Lord


Pony in the Prize

If I don’t

w/o name (‘begin again, again’)


Going Home (Bramhall/Craig)

To Get to You (Bramhall/Craig/Scott)

Down to the River (Craig/Powers arrang.)

Show Me Love

Devil in her eyes (Bramhall/Craig)

There is a House/Mo’ Better Blues (Lee)

Moll played an excellent rent from her own songbook. Andy was on fine form too.

With thanks to Amy Holmes and colleagues. And to Dan H for tech-support at a late hour. The three of us will be back at the Britannia early next year.

In the meantime I’ll be helping Andy out at a show of his own next Thursday 6th November at the Oxford, South Blackpool. Moll and I have a Dukes Playhouse performance coming up, details to follow on that one.