Sunday, 7 December 2008

Pack Horse (Leeds) show last Friday. Songs performed:

(What You Can)


If I don't ...

Pony in the Prize

Amazing Journey (Townsend, 1969)/Some O' These Days

Begin again, again


There is a House/Mo' Better Blues (Lee, 1990)

Show Me Love

More parts of ponies/ponies (2008) CD-Rs were shifted. Little Hero mastered a beautiful scene and I got introduced to some very talented young men and women (see links below). Strong performances all around.

So with loving thanks to all parts Simargool and Wilson. Thanks too to Alex for his soundwork, and all providing Gold Star support throughout.

Moll Baxter and I will be hitting up the Dukes, Moor Lane, Lancaster this Tuesday night (09/12) from six, for "after-work" blood sweat and tears. Bring loved ones if you've got ones'.