Tuesday, 27 January 2009

'Her voice is full of money'

(In non-ponies- related news) - for folk yet to become aware of the fine work Lancaster & Morecambe's Diversity 103.5 FM are doing, please visit:


Likewise please feel free to tune in to the station this Friday 30th January, and Fridays to come for the stations health and wellbeing programming; where Alex Addams and I will be exploring a range of topics relevant to the same.

This Friday's topic will be 'Hearing Voices' - and features interviews with Asylum Associates/Hearing Voices and Paranoia network speaker Peter Bullimore, some words from Lancaster's v. own voices group in addition to a health diary extract from fellow volunteer Kate Thompson.

There's also fine music from Phoenix, Dan Haywood's New Hawks and the Silver Jews all inclusive.

That's Fridays at 11:00am and repeated at 18:00. You can listen on FM at 103.5 within Lancaster/Morecambe or else via www.diversityfm.co.uk

Feel, as the saying goes, free ...

Best Wishes


Sunday, 25 January 2009

birdland on the wire

This ponies project got a mention 'On The Wire' last night:


in a summary of all things happening via Blackpool's Mojo Restaurant and the fine work of one Blackpool Promoting Music (BPM):

http://www.bpmcic.org/interested parties feel free to note up-coming ponies performance for the same Sunday 15th February, Mojo Restaurant, Back Church St. FY1 1HA :


w. thanks to Buzz and colleagues

and Best Wishes


Saturday, 24 January 2009

hoarse platitudes

2009's live circuit began Thursday last w. Andy Craig, Moll Baxter Band and this Ponies project return'd to Britannia 101, Ullswater Rd. Lancaster. Fine performances from both the Moll Baxter band and esteemed colleague Andy Craig. I enjoyed myself throughout:

If I don't...
Pony in the Prize
Where's the friend?
Begin again, again
Show me love

Ponies had the pleasure of performing/recording at the Jack Hylton Room of Lancaster University Jan 10th 2009 c/o v. talented engineers/Homemade Lemonade: Tris Clutterbuck and Robin Williams. From several songs culled three to appear on a projected split with Michael Bridgewater's Short Term Effect and Winona Forever for North Eastern independents Discount Horse.

At present songs to include :

Begin again, again

Where's the friend? and

Show me love




much happening in the world, and the world of Ponies presently, please feel free to keep checking the boards.

w. thanks again to Tristan & Robin, to Amy Holmes & colleagues at Britannia 101.

Best Wishes