Thursday, 21 May 2009

Triumph (in two parts)

ACT ONE: in which the hero reports on successful voyage

Last weekend Andy Craig and I took the ponies project down to Mojo’s café & restaurant, Blackpool for BPM’s ( Recovery Room event, and - in spite of early roughage c/o my sunken icebreaker - enjoyed two thirty minute performances spanning new and familiar fare (plus a duet on Andy’s That Summer…):

Pony in the prize
If I don’t …
Now he’s gone …

Going home (Bramhall/Craig)
Down to the river (arr. Craig)
That summer of love (Craig)
What you can …
Begin again, again

Circulo Maladetti’s Benjamin Hesford was kind enough to chip in on percussion too - so mad love to Ben.

Both Mojo’s and Recovery Room comes well recommended - check the link above.

Some fond observations from this guy: mix-tape swap box, informal/intimate performance set up; fine and reasonably priced coffee and plenty of air and light.

So great thanks to Buzz Bury, John Tree and colleagues.

Best Wishes with all operations at BPM present and future.

ACT TWO: something choppy

On the way to work Monday morning I took a fall on my motorcycle. Wet road, poor judgment; an accident.

Fortunately not a collision, and I thank the saintliness in JB for her kindness in stopping to assist me by the road.

I’m typing this with one hand. The other is in cast. I didn’t get a clear diagnosis of either sprain or fracture, though my trapezoid (apparently) is worth another look - watch this space.

I’ll try not to catastrophise …

I don’t know what this means for me, for working life and ponies alike beyond the immediate time. I’m looking at a two week minimum in plaster alone.

However, concerned parties should be assured the lord came down harder on the bike - and even there, the venerable techs at Buzzinmotos ( concede the damage to be “not that bad”.

To occupy myself with anything beyond the present isn’t likely to do me any favours. My efforts right now are being channeled into good faith and recovery.

Feel free to stay in touch.

Your pal,
Tom (- taking ‘Dylanesque’ to a whole new level) Bramhall

Lancaster, May 20th 2009

Saturday, 9 May 2009

With Friends, again

Robyn Williams

As alluded to in a previous blogspiele, much of the material recorded 10th January 2009 had been intended for a split with Durham's Discount Hourse Records (

At present it's looking as though this project may be set back slightly due to respective needs/circumstances.

In the meantime, a second full length ponies cdr should be ready by the close of the month, compiling Janurary sessions and live performances at Lancaster's Gregson Centre from September 2008.

The disc will also feature a new recording of With Friends - wrestled back from its void and given new life in a full band rendition with members of Home Made Lemonade (see Recommended Readring) and the venerable Jo Gillot ( contributing graciously, kindly to the ponies project across April of this year.

The picture up top sees the addition of drums to the mixture - thanks Robyn. ;)

As and when I have this to pass about, I'll be sure to shout about it.

Next week sees the ponies project hitting up a rescheduled date for Blackpool Promoting Music ( with contributions from The Charming Drunk, this much upstairs at Mojo's Restaurant, Back Church Street, Blackpool. This is a free, all ages event with performances from 14:00.

Best Wishes


Lancaster, UK.

dan le noir du temps

Richard Davis

Monday 27th April saw Totally Wired launching their wares at the Book Room shop ( on Meeting House Lane, Lancaster. This ponies project were represented alongside Moll Baxter, Stephen Hudson, Jo Gillot & Mikey Kenney. A review of the evening and subsequent discussion can be found here: - you may need to scroll down a piece.

Totally Wired can be reached here:

where there's info on the organisation itself, links to all the featured artists/performers, pitures and a video of Mr Kenney delivering his goods on the night.

Patchwork Mill videotaped the wholenightsworth of performance, so look out for that shortly.

Songs as performed for ponies:

Saturday Night at the Bookstore [Bit] (Dicks, 1997)

Now He's Gone ...


Dicks (1997) 1980 - 1986. Alternative Tentacles. CD