Saturday, 4 July 2009

Sometimes They Come Back (Again)

Richard Davis

Thursday 2nd was a hot one. Work was tough but fair and I played the Homemade Lemonade cd launch at Lancaster's Yorkshire House.

All things considered, I think it went pretty well.

I give my arm six out of ten, an A plus for effort and maybe my voice held out until the last couple of songs? Some new number crept in and all parts of ponies2 were shifted.

So more to follow, I guess?

When I got done The Existence of Harvey Lord were there to cool me down. Niamh Starky was sorely missed though.

Please check Homemade Lemonade's Myspace profile ( to learn all about them and how you can pick up their epic disc.

Lune nights are being increasingly blessed by The Maginificent James Knight and his fine host and poetry. Be sure to check him out (

Thanks to Robin, Tristan and Kev;

Simon, Erin, David, Robert and Kate for driving up

and to Richard 'Totally Wired' Davis for taking some nice pictures (see above).

Fondest Regards


ponies songs performed:

pony in the prize

If I don't

Start of Love/Wild Is The Wind (Tiomkin & Washington, 1957)

Now He's Gone (sort of)


What You Can

Need to/feel you

There's a house