Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Ma Better Blues

As promised, Tristan Clutterbuck (Homemade Lemonade) and I went up to The Dukes Theatre & Cinema, Moor Lane Lancaster to work out 49 minutes (clock 'em) of free improv c/o solo guitar and Max/MSP for their "Chill Out Tuesdays" event.

With thanks to friends and well wishers who stuck it out with us.

I had a pretty good time.

Listening to the playback this afternoon, seems we got some interesting tones and passages. Tristan's clearing up the same right now and as and when he gets done I'll be sure to amend this post with a link to a full recording of the event.

Thanks to Andrew Carruthers for the invite and Kriss for the guitar loan.



Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Coup Devil

Last Saunday in Lancaster saw a celebration of local songwriting via Gegson Open Mic.

I couldn't be there. Like Woodstock, and Not The Lancaster Jazz Festival - but I'd like to give thanks for Moll Baxter, Idiot Johnston and me old mates Kriss Foster, Tristan Clutterbuck and Robin Williams for their unsolicited representation.

Like Ablomb says, 'my heart burst' when I heard about it.

In other news - Tristan and I are getting togther tonight for a set of improvised music at the Dukes Theatre and Cinema, Moor Lane, Lancaster.

Last time I took ponies up there made for a bad fit.
For anybody unfamiliar with 'Chill Out Tuesdays' events, once a month the Dukes set up a corner of the bar for performers to lull the pre-show crowd into submission. Last December I reckon I was less than congruent bashing out the usual grief and grime (see image above) in a relaxed, festive atomosphere. I grit my teeth, took the money and ran. It didn't very feel good to do it, but I did it anyway.
Earlier this year, when curator Andy Carruthers invited ponies back it felt like an opportunity to try another way around.

Tonight's set up is gonna see Tristan utilising Max/MSP software and myself plunking solo guitar. No songs, no voices. In the spirit of the late Derek Bailey's play, we'll see what happens.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Black And Not Black

Totally Wired/Storey Creative Industries Centre, Lancaster last Saturday 19th Sept.

Bramhall - solo acoustic/voice and mouth organ.

Lookout! Summer

Dear Paul



Illustration by Stuart Anthony.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

R & R

Radio yesterday - guest appearances via "Silent" Mark Read and Reza "The Real Alternative" Mills.

Bookends: hacked out a shoddy 'Lookout Summer!' and tapered off with a tapering 'Thieves'.

Feel free to email for mp3s of the same (

Dare to listen again Sunday 13th Sept. 21:00 to hear the above plus much pontificatin' on Dan Haywood's New Hawks, Silver Jews, Fugazi, Lou Reed et al.

Thanks to Mark, Reza and diversityfm. Congratulations on two solid years work on air and wider stream'.

Best wishes.