Sunday, 29 November 2009

if you were wonderin if we wanted you to, we weren't wanting you to ...

Barnbox show last nite at the dirty Dukes (sic).

Lookout summer!/If i don't.../Begin again, again/Who do you love? (Mcdaniel '56)/Some love's a ladder/Thieves.

Curlin' in for a while.

See you around.


Tuesday, 10 November 2009


(J.G. Posada ...

Lunching with H today - pretty sublime company. Easy flow conversation. Coffee (not so sublime) and danish (easy flow of caramel).

H tells me that he sees a tranformation in me when ponies is performed.

I hadn't thought about it too much.

He's a musician/player/writer etc. ... no wait, wait. He plays music, he writes,

as I do.

Only his stuff is more congruent I think. Sings in his own voice, in the literal and figural.

I wonder if in this transformative aspect, if it's a fair appraial (which on reflection I guess it probably is); I lose some sense of the congruence I've been looking for?

As a lank and younger pup, I figured to really succeed with a performance you had to empty out all the gimmicks. Kurt Cobain and Berthold Brecht.

But you know, Unplugged in New York is pretty damned 'gimmick'!

Like Dylan says man, everything and the piano man is a gimmick.

When a Proust writes his Albertine, it's in the present tense. Has to be. To put the reader right there with her.

A gimmick.

Good writing for me usually sees a writer/speaker reflecting their experiences acutely and completely.

To do this well maybies demands some transparency:

'To feel everything in every way,
To live everything from all sides,
To be the same thing in all ways
Possibly at the same time,
To realize in oneself all humanity at all moments
In one scattered, extravagant, complete and aloof moment' (de Campos - probably)?

Gilbert Hernandez can do it. Shakespeare too, maybies Joyce?

Contrary to this maybe certain aspects of a gimmick - persona perhaps, amongst other things, can rush in a fuck with the sale?

Kerouac and Tom Waits, for me, run the risk of falling foul of idiom. Where the trace is lost to some kinda rhetoric and

I'm not at the donut shop no-more, I'm at Tom Waits' donut shop. Everybody in there has his face, his voice and his gait.

One voice is easy. To be able to reflect many is the rub.

Maybies what I'm looking to describe here is something more like a becoming.

Becoming something other than you are ...

Outside of this I'm reading Roberto Bolano for the first time. It's good, good prose.

Bolano says of himself, 'my only country is my two children and perhaps, though in second place, some moments, streets, faces or books that live in me'.

For gimmick's sake, I guess transformation, I'd hope, would maybies illuminate similar private spaces, traces. Alone and far.

Going from some acute particular to the universal?

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Jesus Mentioned

(Ciseri's this))))


November is upon us. Choppy out there today.

Since it is, why not warm your cockles come the 28th as Barnbox ( their annual feast to the great Pontius Pilate and his loving wife Cassandra?

Coptic's Delight will feature belting escapist-pop's finest Uncle Jeff alongside a venerable lord of hosts, Kr!ss Foster ...

Alright, well not really but hey, both these stella acts'll be throwing a colourful bash and I'll be there with ponies en tow. should anyone get rooty for the old world religions (mostly pre-Christian).

This show takes place in the newly furbished 'Round', round the back of the Dukes cinema (, Lancaster and will probably cost you about the price of ten and a half cigarettes to get in.


After the big Christian blow out at the back of the year (Christmas), this ponies project will return on January 15th to celebrate 28 years of life on earth (in your face Cobain!) via a closing slot at Lancaster's Spotlight club ( That's a ten thirty showtime if, like me, you respect precision.

Thanks to Rob Daniels ( (recording) and T. Clutterbuck ( (mastering); a ponies cdr can be made available in time for XXXmas shipping!

The pomp heady 'Thief in Fire' throws in eight tracks recorded live in Lancaster during the short hot Summer of 2009. Not to mention novel audience contrubutions from some of its music community's finest and fyne-est!

If Dylan's Christmas album is one snowball too many, why not heat things up with a bit of rough?

Drop a line, not a dime etc. to

That's the best update I got.

Confidence blows hot and cold. But mostly cold this time of year.

There's a dozen, maybe more songs that needs to be cleaned up a bit before they can walk out on their own.

Shows 'are coming slow but at least slow motion better than no' etc.

Feel free to be in touch

All the Best